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Invictus Direct is proud to serve our clients. 

We encourage you to reach out for a free consultation to gain a deeper understanding of how we can help you grow!

Invictus Direct offers a comprehensive package to help our clients build a foundational plan of attack to bring forth their own internal sales team. From strategizing possible approaches for onboard a sales team, devising compensation options and packages within the available budget to developing sales playbooks and coaching material. We work closely with our clients to align our services and approaches with their needs and ensure we bring their vision to life. 


Start-ups and small companies often find they do not have the time, or lack the resources and experience necessary to effectively bring about a much needed sales team. We fill that void for our clients by offering the time, resources and experience necessary to develop and onboard that sales team for them. By understanding our clients’ industry, service/product and their relation to the market we arm ourselves with the necessary information to effectively devise a go to market strategy. 


Each client is unique in their offering of services and products which bring in differing revenue streams, each client works within a set budget available to them. Taking that into consideration, we consult with our clients and develop multiple compensation options for their sales team offering them a few plans to choose from so they may discover what works best for them and aligns with their vision. More importantly, understanding the process of trial and error for start ups, Invictus Direct maintains a level of fluidity enabling adaptability to ever changing circumstances. 


Successfully introducing services and products to the market does not only require a qualified cohesive sales team but also requires a solid efficient training and coaching strategy. Invictus Direct studies our clients’ domain, service and product and develops a thorough and all inclusive sales playbook that serves as the lifeline for training the soon to be assembled sales team. Moreover, we have worked with clients to help them develop pitch cards, feature sheets, pamphlets and more. 


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